Ringwood lake is a 3-4 acre lake surrounded by 21 acres of lush wooded parkland. Located 4 miles north-east from the small town of chesterfield, and about 5 minutes off of junction 29A of the M1 motorway. Depths vary from a few inches, up to around 12ft at the weir end. It provides plenty of open water fishing or if stealth is your game, then the dense lilly pads provide some excellent opportunities to bag those hook shy fish!

Ringwood provides a target for everybody, but what makes Ringwood so great is that no matter what species an angler is targeting, the lake is more than capable of producing a specimen sized fish. With Pike pushing the 40lb mark, Carp upto 28lb, Bream around 7lb and Roach/Perch 2lb+. Even the tench are starting to reemerge after a long quiet spell.

Carp numbers are estimated to be between 100-150, including a handful of originals stocked in 1976 of the Leney strain, with the average fish being around the 17-18lb mark.

So whether you are a specimen hunter or just a general pleasure fisherman, Ringwood Lake has you covered and is fast becoming one of the best venues in Derbyshire for specimen sized fish that can be fished for on a day ticket.

 Our day ticket and permit prices represent excellent value for money and you will struggle to find anywhere else in the county that can provide both value and opportunity to fish for species of specimen sizes on a day ticket. Feel free to check out our awesome fish in the gallery section, and down below you will find our price list for the 2019-2020 season.

Season: Sept 2020 - Sept 2021



1 Rod:  £4.00

2 Rods: £6.00

3 Rods: £8.00

Purchased on the bank


(Dawn till Dusk)

Concession: £30.00

Adult: £40.00

Purchased via SHOP



(limited to 35)

Concession: £40

Adult: £80

Night permits on Ringwood are sold on a waiting list system. Every year when permits are up for renewal, people on the waiting list will be offered a permit dependent on the amount of people that decide not to renew for the up coming season. These permits allow the holder to fish all day and all night.


Anybody interested in a night permit should contact Simon Ellis via the RLAC Facebook page.

Before travelling to the lake to fish, we would advise all anglers to head over to the Lake Rules section to familiarize themselves with the rules of the lake, as on rare occasions, some anglers have been asked to leave due to not having the correct equipment that we require all anglers to be in possesion of.

Take a look along the menu bar where you will also find our shop, where you can purchase official RLAC branded clothing, the News section to keep you up to date with all the latest action from the lake and also our Blog page with some great write-ups on recent captures etc. Be sure to find us on Facebook and also subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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