1: All anglers must hold a vaild E.A licence.
2: Night fishing for limited members only! Call Simon Ellis for details (07787743206)
3: No tins allowed on the bankside.
4: No fish to be taken from the lake.
5: All litter must be put in the bins provided.
6: No fires!
7: No carp to be kept in keep nets (floatation slings allowed for carp fishing).
8: Barbless hooks for course & pike fishing.
9: Micro barbed hooks only for carp fishing.
10: All fishing pegs must be left clean and tidy.
11: Permits/day tickets must be shown to any bailiff upon request.
12: For carp fishing adequate line must be used and no braided main line.
13: Nobody is to remove/clear or cut, trees, rushes or aquatic plant life without permission.
14: Unhooking mats must be carried by all anglers and an adequate landing net.
15: No fixed lead rigs to used.
16: Any member found drunk or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the water immediately.
17: Please respect other members and their fishing.

 Pike fishing season - 1st October - 31st March

 Pike fishing rules:

1: Minimum 42" landing net

2: Large padded unhooking mat must be used

3: Minimum mainline of 12lb BS (NO BRAIDED MAINLINE)

4: If live baiting for pike, only live bait caught from the lake can be used.

5: Barbless hooks only

6: Wire traces must be a minimum of 18" in length

7: All anglers fishing for Pike must carry long forceps in the event of a deeply hooked fish