Creating the hybrid Running Rig

So before I start this off, I want to make the point that i don't claim to have re-invented the wheel with this setup, as i'm sure somewhere down the line, somebody has had the same idea as myself and put it to the test, however I cannot find any articles or videos to confirm this, so ill just presume it's my marvelous creation lol.

Joking aside, the idea of this lead setup came to me when I was sat in one of my trances one evening whilst at home thinking about fishing. I wanted a setup that had the hooking mechanics of a lead clip system, but also the advantageous bite indication of a running rig setup. To bring this thought to life, I whipped out the tackle box and started throwing a few bits together to see what i could come up with.

The type of setup i kept coming back to was a 'COG' style system, but with a twist. Now before i get into what i did, I want to explain why i prefer what I came up with as opposed to the traditional style 'COG' setup that is used in conjunction with a lead clip. The problem I feel is that even when the fish has pulled the swivel from the COG lead, it is still able to use the weight of the lead to throw the hook because it is still attached via the lead clip. My variation takes this problem out of the equation.

So here's what I did. Rather than attach the eye of the swivel of the lead onto a lead clip, the lead clip is ditched completely and the leader is passed through the eye of the swivel, just like you would do with a running rig. This way, as the fish pulls the swivel out of the COG lead, all that is going to happen is the lead is going to drop back down to the lake bed and the leader/mainline is going to be pulled through the eye of the lead, running rig style. The fish has nothing it can use to throw the hook and i'm sure this is just going to make the fish bolt, producing absolute screamers!

And it won't matter which way the fish runs either, you will always get positive bite indication at your end so it is perfect for slack line fishing. Now i'm not saying this setup is the be all and end all, as everything has it's limitations, for example, I don't think it is a setup for distance fishing or really weedy waters. But the point is, we as anglers should always be trying to tweak things in order to try and increase our chances of outwitting our prey and give them something new to deal with that they may not have seen before. These are the things that i believe will make the difference in our fishing.

Check out the included picture to get an idea of how I have set it up, and also check out my video on our Youtube channel.

Thanks, and tight lines. RLAC

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