Pike fishing review w/e 7/10/18

Each week i will be bringing you a brief update on how the lake is fishing, along with all and any catch reports. Well, with the pike season finally upon us, it as been quite a good start considering that conditions aren’t favourable and temperatures being very high for this time of year. But already signs are good for a productive pike season, with numerous fish coming to the bank. Having lost two fish this week myself and banking two jacks up in the shallows, I am optimistic that better things are to come. Mark Hewitt managed to tame a pristine condition 22.7lb pike on a short afternoon session. Along with Pete Elliott who managed to bring a 13.8lb pike to the bank. Rob Hall braved the sudden drop in temperatures and was rewarded with a pike of 18.7lbs Which fell in the night. Stevie Bennett also got in on the action and bought a pike of around 5-6lb to the bank. Chris Dolby was down for a short Sunday afternoon session and was in almost straight away with a fish of around 7-8lbs and Tommy Elliott unfortunately lost a pike literally minutes of him putting a bait in the water to an underwater snag.

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