Pike Review w/e 04/11/18.

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

With temperatures going from one extreme to the other, targeting the pike looked somewhat difficult. But thankfully and surprisingly quite a few fish have come to the bank! Derick Redman managed to find himself on the fish for the second week running to land himself a lovely low double figure pike on Wednesday. Moggy Dooley was unfortunate as he lost a pike on Thursday morning after targeting both carp and pike during a 48 hour session. With a ground frost Friday and temperatures down to -2 degrees I was hopeful of a productive day. Especially after having a take at first light, but nothing came from it. By 11am the sun was out and temperatures soared to 15 degrees and any hope of catching was gone until Steve Bennett found himself battling and landing a small jack around the 4lb mark. I decided to fish till after dark and managed to pick up 3 small jack pike all falling to live bait. As I was starting to tackle down to call it a day, my dead bait rod screamed off, and was into a decent fish but after a few and frantic minutes I was beaten by both fish and a snag!! Martin Huxford was rewarded with a good fish at 19lbs from the Woodside. I was back down just before light Saturday morning, along with Pete Elliott and although conditions looked

good for it, it was hard going. Pete had a take on a live bait perch but unfortunately the bait was dropped. He later had a follow and snatch whilst having 10 minutes with the lure rod but again the same result. As the temperatures dropped in the late afternoon I managed to bring 2 small jacks to the bank followed by the hump back which is a known fish by most on the lake. I decided to give it a miss on Sunday but had a walk round in the afternoon and Rob Hall tamed a lovely looking jack pike which fell to a pop up boilie! Just as I was about to leave, another pike angler landed a small jack also.

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