Pike Review w/e 09/12/18

Another week began with horrendous conditions for targeting the pike, with constant rain forecast both on and off, also very mild weather with a heavily coloured water. But against all the odds, Thomas Redman managed to get himself a young pike of around the 4-5lb Mark. With no other anglers down and having the whole lake to myself Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I wasn’t expecting, nor confident on producing any fish under the circumstances. And drew a blank on all 3 days without so much as a pick up. I decided against fishing Saturday as again we had quite a lot of rain Friday night and wasn’t hopeful of any action. I decided to get down at first light on Sunday as the temperatures had dropped throughout the night and was hoping it would have encouraged them to come on the feed. Within the first hour, my float fished roach sailed away and soon found myself with a beautiful and pristine pike coming in at a very healthy weight of 24.6lbs. Just after 11:45am my float fished skimmer darted off and after a short battle had another pike on the bank, roughly around 3lbs. Literally 45 seconds upon recasting my bait, off the float went and was soon rewarded with my third fish which was a little bigger and estimated around 5lbs. As expected, things went quiet for all of twenty minutes when my float shot under yet again for my forth fish, again just a jack and estimated around 5-6lbs. Things did go quiet for a few hours. But just after 2pm I was into my fifth fish which was slightly bigger at around 8-9lbs. Was in complete shock and amazement that in unfavourable conditions that 5 fish had come to the bank and with the witching hour fast approaching surely a 6th fish wasn’t possible? But how wrong I was!! I could barely see my float which was cast towards the middle of the lake, and off it went again. Found myself hooked into a good double figure fish which to my dismay and disappointment, got the better of me and threw the trebles at the net. With a cold front predicted for next week, I am optimistic that better things are to come.

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