Pike Review w/e 11/11/18

Sadly with conditions and temperatures yet again soaring well into double figures this week and unsettling weather throughout, its no surprise that it would prove difficult!! Both myself and Paul Dobson did manage to land a jack a piece on Monday which was roughly around the 5-6lb mark. With heavy rain forecast for both Tuesday and Wednesday I chose to leave them be as did everyone else. Was down again on Thursday to find the water heavily coloured up and tbh, wasn’t hopeful of any action at all! Both myself and Derek Redman decided to stick it out as while ever there’s a bait in the water, there’s always that chance, and so it did. Derek had a fish pick his bait up but unfortunately the bite didn’t progress into anything more. I got chatting to a newcomer to the lake Steve Brookes who had never fished the venue before. And after giving him as much info as I possibly could about the lay of the water and hidden features etc to help him how best to approach and fish it, he was soon rewarded with a pike of around 14lbs and later lost another. With 5 or 6 anglers all targeting pike on Saturday I expected someone to get amongst the fish, but sadly it wasn’t to be. To add to the frustration, in the afternoon the pike was very active, up in the water and striking at everything in sight! Chris Dolby opted for the Woodside area and did manage to get a couple of runs, but sadly both baits was dropped. With conditions and forecast to remain warm For the next week or so I’m guessing it will be yet another slow and frustrating week ahead.

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