Pike Review w/e 16/12/18

With temperatures finally starting to fall, and a couple of hard frosts forecast, hopes was good for a productive week targeting the pike. I found myself with yet another jack early on in the week estimated around 8-9lb mark. During the week we had a severe drop in temperatures which can either bring the pike on, or knock them on the head, and with anglers struggling to get any action, let alone fish. I’m guessing it was the latter, and sent the fish down and not interested in anything or everything that anglers offered them. Was nice to see a few new faces down on the lake this week. Liam Garfoot fished the lake for the very first time and after a nice chat and a little advice on how best and where to fish in his selected swim. He was soon rewarded with a lovely fish of 13lbs on the nose. There was quite a lot down on Sunday all targeting pike, with all trying different approaches from both live and dead baiting including lure fishing too. But unfortunately it was very slow and quiet with no other catches reported.

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