Pike Review w/e 20/1/19.

With temperatures dropping and predicted to remain cool for at least a week or two. Conditions are looking more favourable for the pike. Like always with most people being at work throughout the week. It as been relatively quiet down on the lake With only the odd anglers braving the cold. I managed 2 runs in midweek but resulting in losing the 1 fish, estimated to be a low to mid double figure fish. And the other, perhaps struck into the fish a tad early and struck into thin air. The other two anglers unfortunately not producing also. On Thursday we had the first sprinkling of snow, which on times gone by as served anglers well by producing a fish or two. I was down at first light and was soon into a fish which fell to balanced popped up sardine and weighed in at 15lbs. With lots of activity In front of me and pike striking at bait fish, it was only a matter of time before I was in again. This time with a fish slightly smaller at 14.2lbs. Saturday saw lots of anglers on the bank and besides me losing the 1 fish, Only 1 fish was caught by Martyn Hoole with a small jack.

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