Pike Review W/E 21/10/18

After a great start to the week, it as been really quiet for all those targeting the pike. Again, due to temperatures soaring well above average for this time of year. With a big drop in temps and low pressure on Monday it was picture perfect for a good session with pike striking and chasing Fry all over the lake and I was resulted with jack pike within 5 minutes. Not long after, the heavens opened up and completely turned it around and any chances of another fish had gone. Tommy Elliott was down midweek for a quick overnight session and had a pick up in the early hours, but sadly nothing came from it. Throughout the week only a few people was down targeting the pike with lures as it was more favourable than the conditions was for dead baiting. And I believe that 2 jacks was caught and another lost. Thankfully the weather and Temperatures are predicted to drop over the next week which could encourage the pike to move about and be actively feeding.

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