Pike Review W/E 27/10/18

Well, it’s been relatively quiet this week for the pike with only a few fish coming to the bank. Tommy Elliott yet again managed to keep his run of good form going in his first season targeting the pike with a beautiful 18lb fish on a quick overnight session. Throughout the week we have had a few lads down who travelled from the Lincolnshire coast looking to get amongst the pike with hope of breaking their personal best. All anglers deciding on a dead bait approach found it somewhat difficult, which wasn’t helped with the sun beating down on the water and temperatures around 15 degrees Which isn’t ideal conditions for pike fishing. So they was lucky enough to get a small roach and on it went. Within 5 minutes of it being in the water, off the float shot and was into a decent fish. After a fair old scrap, the fish was ready for netting and the angler was in Amazement as it was clearly well bigger than anything he had hooked ever before, but my heart sank for him at the last minute as it threw the trebles literally inches away from the net. Having introduced my uncle to the lake to target the pike, he too is not only looking for a good local water to target and hopefully catch pike, but looking to break his own personal best. After 3 visits, and 3 blanks thus far. It was nice to finally put him on some fish. Around mid morning he had his first pick up on the lake, but sadly was a tad trigger happy and didn’t let the run develop into something more and although he managed to bring the fish to the surface, sadly no trebles were set and the fish wallowed off. Just after midday, his bait was picked up again and was soon into a fish. Resulting with a pike just a whisker under 18lbs.

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