Pike Review w/e 30/12/18.

Merry Christmas one and all. As expected with Christmas upon us, all is quiet down on the lake. Boxing Day myself and 4 other anglers did manage a short session, which I managed to bag a brace of pike. One around 9-10lb Mark, the other only around 4lbs. Sadly no other fish came to the bank for either myself or anyone else. i got down to the lake on Thursday morning for a short morning session. And to my surprise, found another 8 anglers on the venue all targeting pike. With 19 lines in the water all along the bank/park side. I wasn’t hopeful for much to happen, if anything at all. But Derek Redman found one solitary fish between us all, estimated around 10lbs. On Saturday another angler had himself a jack, coming from the Woodside at last knockings. With quite a few anglers down again Sunday morning, and Temperatures around 12 degrees forecast, I wasn’t overly confident that anything would happen for anyone. But I did manage a small jack just after dinner time.

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